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Instructor Pilot

Fort Worth, TX | Afghanistan

Grey Aviation is actively looking for a senior, subject matter expert Instructor Pilot candidate who meets our high standards of aviator skills, safety, professionalism and customer focus.  As the industry leader in armed aircraft training, operations, surveillance and support, Grey Aviation’s vision is to leverage new technology and innovative ideas to develop customer tailored capabilities within a challenging global environment.


Primary Duties:

Conducts flight test operations in accordance with DOD and FAA test plans, including evaluating aircraft handling qualities and mission equipment performance of an armed, light attack, reconnaissance aircraft.  Plans tactical and operational pilot training evolutions encompassing a wide array of prospective student pilot (US and International Military) experience levels.  Conducts extensive flight briefings relying on senior flight experience ensuring safe and effective air operations.  Actively pilots the aircraft during flight training, flight and ground evolutions, maintenance events, and flight test events.  Provides in-depth aviation, navigation, aircraft systems, and tactics and techniques instruction to students actively flying aircraft ensuring effective airborne management of flight time, limited available airspace and fuel.  Instruct students (ground and inflight) on weapons, weapon systems, weapons employment, Night Vision Goggles (NVGs), emergency procedures, precautionary procedures, warning response recognition, and multiple other ground and inflight required procedures and responses related to operating an armed, light attack, reconnaissance aircraft.  Instruct all program evolutions leveraging proven past performance and unparalleled subject matter expertise in ISR and Weapons Attack Tactics Techniques and Procedures.  Advise and assist International Military Students as the partner nation stands up its own organic aviation capability.    Conduct live fire training missions with USAF or International Military Students. 


Additional Duties:

Additional duties include but are not limited to the following:  Develops, exercises, manages, and updates aircraft systems, tactics and techniques, and aircraft employment courseware and curriculum.  Develops and updates training scenarios.  Uses subject matter expertise to provide inputs during Curriculum Design Reviews. Employees may be assigned other duties, as directed by management.


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