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Tactical Ground Party (OPFOR)

Fort Worth, TX | Afghanistan


Grey Aviation is actively looking for experienced Joint Terminal Attack Controller candidates who meet our high standards of safety, professionalism and customer focus.  As the industry leader in armed aircraft training, operations, surveillance and support, Grey Aviation’s vision is to leverage new technology and innovative ideas to develop customer tailored capabilities within a challenging global environment.

Primary Duties: 

Provide Subject Matter Expertise in Air / Ground integration, communication and close air support based on combat operational experience and knowledge of JP 3-09.3, Close Air Support.   Aid in training scenario execution by utilizing previous special operations combat experience to provide students realistic “real world” scenarios.  Simulate ground forces (JTAC).  Conduct ground to air communication with training aircraft.  Instruct USAF and International Military Students in air to ground communication, calls for fire, and weapons release procedures.  Advise and assist International Military Students.


Additional Duties:

Assist in courseware development.  Assist instructor cadre in execution of the training program.  Employees may be assigned other duties, as directed by management.


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