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Senior Aviation Program Manager

Fort Worth, TX | Afghanistan

Grey Aviation is actively searching for a senior, experienced Program Manager who meets our high standards of aviation skills, safety, professionalism and customer focus.  As the industry leader in armed aircraft training, operations, surveillance and support, Grey Aviation’s vision is to leverage new technology and innovative ideas to develop customer tailored capabilities within a challenging global environment.


Primary Duties:

Responsible for directing and achieving overall mission success.  Responsible for all phases of program activity.  Direct and supervise all aspects of team performance and effort.  Exercise full authority on behalf of the contractor encompassing all matters relating to the daily execution of the contract.  Responsible for primary organization and coordination of the program.  Provide strategic guidance to on site team ensuring operational missions goals are achieved.  Maintain continuous awareness of all customer requirements associated with assigned program.  Collaborate with functional departments and cost estimating to manage preparation of cost estimates associated with contractual scope changes that occur during the course of the contract.  Responsible for notifying affected functional groups of specifications contained in approved contractual changes. Ensure that all contractual changes are properly documented and communicated to customers and affected functional groups. Negotiate master plan acceptance with the customer, and issues planning directives. Administer preparation of internal master schedules for assigned project, from proposal and study stages, through production and delivery of finished products.  Recommend and develop recovery plans, and expedites action items requiring immediate attention.  Review significant technical and contractual commitments.  Ensure that shipping documents for deliverable program items are properly prepared.  Work with Finance representatives to ensure that invoices covering progress payments are prepared and submitted to the customer in accordance with contractual terms and commitments. Ensure that the company is properly represented and all customer correspondence is drafted and / or prepared in a prompt, concise, and professional manner for submission to customers and other agencies.  Follow up on all program correspondence involving contractual or technical matters. Develop and maintain customer contacts to expand business in assigned product area while protecting the company’s interests technically, financially, and contractually.  Maintain close contact with business development representatives to ensure that they are familiar with significant project items, which may affect customer relations or the company’s image.


Additional Duties:

Direct strategies and objectives.  Resolve program’s higher scope issues.  Coordinate cross-project activities. Formulate, organize and monitor ongoing progress reports.  Assess program performance.  Track, prepare and distribute all program reports.  Develop and control deadlines, budgets and events.  Maximize ROI.  Apply change, risk, and resource management.  Lead and evaluate Project Managers and other staff.  Assume responsibility for managing program vendors.  Employees may be assigned other duties, as directed by management.

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